Lois Ahn, PsyD

Lois Ahn, PsyD

I believe that our earliest relational experiences shape how we perceive ourselves, our relationships, and society. I approach this work through an attachment lens, meaning that I want to deeply understand each person’s unique relational history and how their story impacts their current sense of self, relationships, and roles in society.

The process of change is relational, meaning that an authentic relationship between therapist and client moves the client towards change. I use the therapeutic relationship to help my clients explore various challenges and experience a different, healing connection. This is the key factor to facilitating change in my work with each client.

I believe it is important for therapists to be mindful and fully present with clients. With presence, I collaboratively explore each client’s unique goals and perspectives, as well as support them in how they want to navigate and manage their feelings. Through this relational process, my clients are given opportunities to develop personal coping skills to manage big feelings.

I would be described as lively, compassionate, warm, thoughtful, introspective, and creative. Others would also describe me as a critical thinker who challenges to see beyond the surface.

My work has been primarily with children, teens, and families. I am passionate about helping young people navigate complex situations and explore creative ways to problem solve. Particularly with youth, I believe that utilizing expressive therapies such as drawing, painting, playing, and writing can be one of the many vital ways to comfortably explore inner feelings that are not easily accessed. With the help of the arts, my clients build ways to manage difficult feelings.

I come to this work with the intention of being curious and sensitive to each client’s unique story. I am attentive to the challenges clients are coming in with and I am sensitive to barriers that interfere with meeting goals. I approach each session with a deep sense of gratitude as my clients share their deepest vulnerabilities and allow me to be one of the many components of their healing journey.