Jenna Hedglen-Smith, PsyD

Jenna Hedglen-Smith, PsyD

Clinical Supervisor

Supervision is a dynamic process. It is multidimensional and requires clinicians to delve into
various aspects of the self: the therapist, the person, and the relational being. I love being in
both roles- whether the supervisor or the supervisee, there is opportunity for intellectual
curiosity and personal growth. My training and practice have been informed by psychodynamic
and relational theory, and I enjoy exploring the depth of the human experience that each of our
clients bring to the table.

I value the opportunity we have as humans, and as therapists, to challenge ourselves and look
inward while also reaching out to connect authentically with others. Growth happens when we
honor the processes of sitting with and being with. This is true for our clients, and also for

In the supervisory relationship, I value critical thinking, curiosity and creativity. I love bouncing
ideas off one another and my style is curious, active, and attuned. I am inspired by the process
of ‘joining in’ to get a sense of the client’s experience, and then using that insight to guide
interventions to best meet their current needs.

I conceptualize from a relational and developmental perspective, utilizing interventions focused
on attachment, emotional processing, nervous system integration, and body awareness. My
overall goal is to elicit diagnostic curiosity and depth of conceptualization for supervisees as
they guide their clients toward healing and wellness.